Korres Plumping + Lifting Black Pine Sculpt + Lift Serum 01
Plumping + Lifting

Black Pine Sculpt + Lift Serum

Your Skin

Deflated and lacking contour. Visible lines and wrinkles.

Our Remedy

A potent serum that lifts, firms and reduces the appearance of wrinkles while redefining the facial contour for visibly youthful appearance.

Key Benefits

Brings the bounce back

Visibly firms and lift

Smooths lines and wrinkles


1.01 fl oz / 30 mL. Dermatologically tested. May contain traces of wheat/nuts. Suitable for vegetarians. Recyclable packaging. Cruelty free.


Inspired By Prehistoric Greek Pines

Pindos, Greece

Greek Pines that survived the Ice Age carry a unique protein that boosts collagen and elastin production in our skin. We work closely with the Greek Forestry Association to extract this potent ingredient from its bark through a responsible, zero-waste process that allows the trees to continue flourishing. It is our privilege and responsibility to follow zero-waste principles while bringing the best of nature to your skin.

This product is made through our Full Circle™ process

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We work with local organic micro-farmers who cultivate responsibly and help us conserve the unique biodiversity of Greece.

The Pindos mountains have thrived in the Mediterranean for 3.5 million years, in cold, heat, dryness, and even in polluted cities. We only leverage Black Pine that are residues of wood processing. This process helps play a significant role in the revitalization of the forest.

We run a zero-waste operation where we carefully extract active herbal ingredients and return any unused organic matter to the soil as fertilizer.

Our KORRES Black Pine (Pinus Nigra Bark Extract) has been added to WINCI as a global first. Extraction takes place in our environmentally friendly certified center where we use natural, biorenewable solvents instead of petroleum-based solvents. All solid residue is composted and returned to the soil as organic fertilizer, while any liquid residue is biologically treated and returned to the water stream for a no-waste operation.

Where the magic happens. We’re constantly studying plants at a cellular level in order to understand how they can work to transform our skin.

Black Pine supports skin elasticity for a more bouncy, plump texture over time. Use our eye-lift serum to instantly tighten skin under eyes.

Our women-led Research & Development team creates every formula. 500 efficacy and safety tests are run on each product, and we start over from scratch if even one of those tests falls short.

Black Pine, the ultimate survivor, has lived for thousands of years (since the ice age), by producing collagen-building protein within itself. It helps boost skin's natural collagen and elastin, allowing us to formulate the best eye lifting serum just for you.

Mica is a natural mineral that instantly brightens and tightens skin under eyes.

Dill Extract is an antioxidant that helps to improve resiliency of skin.

Equal parts aesthetics and functionality, our eco-friendly and recyclable packaging is designed to bring beauty to your everyday.

The packaging is inspired by the immense power and imposing posture of the Black Pine tree.

Where we come full circle. Here, empties are given a second life as new packaging, art, objects, and even furniture.

Goddess magic for your face

Seen Benefits

Firmer + smoother

100% saw firmer more lifted skin appearance after 56 days.

Improved texture

100% experienced an improvement in skin texture and radiance after 28 days.

Reshaped facial contour

90% saw a visibly reshaped facial contour after 56 days.

How to use

You won't need a reminder to put this on after cleansing. The results you'll notice will keep you consistent.

  1. Dosage

    Two to three drops twice a day.

  2. Application

    Apply after daily cleansing, while face is still damp to face and neck, avoiding the eye area.

How to use

Complete your routine

Try another serum for your eyes, and a sleeping facial for your beauty sleep. A protein-rich cleanser will help you start and end each day.

All KORRES products are sourced ethically in Greece

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