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New Arrival

Santorini Grape Poreless Skin Cream

Your Skin

Oily, Combination + Sensitive

Our Remedy
A lightweight gel moisturizer that blurs pores, controls shine, and hydrates skin all-day using a powerful blend of Hyaluronic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Willowherb Extract, and the antioxidant-rich, Santorini Grape.
Key Benefits

Poreless complexion

Balanced all-day hydration

Smooth skin canvas


1.35 fl oz / 40 mL. Dermatologically tested. Vegan friendly. Silicone free. Cruelty free. Recyclable packaging.


Experience the power of Santorini Grape

Santorini, Greece

Starved of at the foot of the volcano, only to be misted by the Aegean Sea, and thriving in the extreme conditions with high island winds and the strong Grecian sun, the Santorini Grape is one of nature’s best examples of self-renewal pulling the minerals and energy from the soil into the fruit. We are proud to partner with Santo Wines and the union of Santorini Cooperatives to revive your skin with this fortifying ingredient.

This product is made through our Full Circle™ process

Powered by 6 KORRES labs
01 Soil Lab 02 Extraction Lab 03 Molecular Lab 04 Formulation Lab 05 Design Lab 06 Recycle Lab

We use the 'Assyrtiko', the noblest white grape variety of Santorini. Even the vineyards themselves look different from most others. The vines are pruned so that the grapes grow in a basket-like circle, so that they are protected from the strong winds and the hot sun, and draw more efficiently on the ground's precious moisture. The dark volcanic soil, rich in minerals and other elements, along with the distinctive microclimate of the island, also contribute to the exceptional characteristics of the Santorinian grapes.

We conduct research + development in all our labs, including the Extraction Lab, to ensure that we are using the best ingredients in the best way possible for skincare formulas that are safe, effective, and transformative.

We’re constantly studying plants at a cellular level in order to understand how they can work to transform our skin. Antioxidant-rich Santorini Grape extract quenches, nourishes and improves textured skin.

Where our women-led Research & Development team creates our formulas. We run 500 efficacy and safety tests on each product, restarting the formula entirely if even one of those tests falls short.

The condensed tannins inside the Santorini Grape seed, that bring the robust flavor we love in the grape and wine, help remove excess oil and reduce the appearance of pores without drying them out.

Salicylic Acid helps gently removes dead skin cells and excess oil, unclogs and refines pores and improves the appearance of skin, leaving you with a shine-free glow.

Hyaluronic Acid is the gold standard in hydration and able to hold 1000 times its weight in water, increasing and locking in hydration and helping diminish moisture-loss resulting in more plump skin.

Equal parts aesthetics and functionality, our eco- friendly and recyclable packaging is designed to bring beauty to your everyday.

We expanded our sustainability practices in 2020 through building the KORRES Recycle Lab, a state-of-the-art recycling facility in Athens where empty containers are reborn as packaging, art objects, and even furniture.

Reveal clear, hydrated skin and experience the power of Santorini Grape.

Seen Benefits

Minimized Pores

97% of users saw minimized pore appearance after 2 weeks

Balanced Skin

94% of users saw balanced oil production after 2 weeks

Hydrated Skin

100% of users said their skin felt baby soft after 2 weeks

How to use

Apply a nickel-size dollop 2x daily to the face and neck, avoiding the eye area.

How to use

Complete your skincare routine

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