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Velvet Skin

Santorini Grape Velvet Skin Drink

Your Skin

Rough + Depleted Texture

Our Remedy

A multi-tasking treatment that blurs imperfections, smooths texture and replenishes skin with awakened hydration.

Key Benefits

Velvet soft

No-shine glow

Blur imperfections

Hydrates thirsty skin


1.01 fl oz / 30 mL. Dermatologically tested. Vegan friendly. Non-comedogenic. Silicone free. Cruelty free. Recyclable packaging.


Inspired by the self-renewal of the Santorini Grape

Santorini, Greece

Starved of at the foot of the volcano, only to be misted by the Aegean Sea, and thriving in the extreme conditions with high island winds and the strong Grecian sun, the Santorini Grape is one of nature’s best examples of self-renewal pulling the minerals and energy from the soil into the fruit. We are proud to partner with Santo Wines and the union of Santorini Cooperatives to revive your skin with this fortifying ingredient.

This product is made through our Full Circle™ process

Powered by 6 KORRES labs
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We work with local organic micro-farmers who cultivate responsibly and help us conserve the unique biodiversity of Greece.

We use the 'Assyrtiko', the noblest white grape variety of Santorini. Even the vineyards themselves look different from most others. The vines are pruned so that the grapes grow in a basket-like circle, so that they are protected from the strong winds and the hot sun, and draw more efficiently on the ground's precious moisture. The dark volcanic soil, rich in minerals and other elements, along with the distinctive microclimate of the island, also contribute to the exceptional characteristics of the Santorinian grapes.

We run a zero-waste operation where we carefully extract active herbal ingredients and return any unused organic matter to the soil as fertilizer.

We extract resveratrol from the skin of the world’s most potent grapes at the Korres Herbal Extraction Unit following all-natural, environment-friendly practices. This valorization process transforms marc biomass into a liquid extract that contains grape polyphenols, valuable antioxidant ingredients for cosmetic applications.

Where the magic happens. We’re constantly studying plants at a cellular level in order to understand how they can work to transform our skin.

Antioxidant-rich Santorini Grape extract quenches, nourishes and improves textured skin.

Our women-led Research & Development team creates every formula. 500 efficacy and safety tests are run on each product, and we start over from scratch if even one of those tests falls short.

Santorini Grape Extract is enriched from the minerals in which it grows, only misted by the Aegean Sea each morning and pulling the energy into the grape for total renewal and smooth skin.

Santorini Grape Seed Oil contains over 85% essential fatty acids improving skin elasticity and texture + reinforcing the skin’s protective moisture barrier.

Resveratrol is the powerful antioxidant commonly found in wine with skin perfecting benefits, like smoothing skin texture and tone.

Equal parts aesthetics and functionality, our eco-friendly and recyclable packaging is designed to bring beauty to your everyday.

Where we come full circle. Here, empties are given a second life as new packaging, art, objects, and even furniture.

Transform And Smooth Skin to Velvet, In a Single Drop

Seen Benefits

Velvet soft

100% of users said this product immediately makes their skin feel baby soft.

Blur imperfections

100% of users saw and improvement in their skin imperfections after 7 days.

No-shine glow

100% of users saw more supple, brighter and resilient skin after 3 days.

How to use

Apply 1-3 drops over the face and neck 2x daily, avoiding the eye area. 

How to use

Complete your skincare routine

Discover an effortless, healthy Greek glow with this simple, natural skincare routine of best sellers.

All KORRES products are sourced ethically in Greece

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