The faces behind 
the formulas

From the botanists that hunt down each plant and flower to the scientists that turn them into powerful tinctures, every member of our team is part of a family.

Our Founders

Giorgios Korres, Founder

A pharmacist with a deep understanding of natural ingredients, Giorgos was inspired to develop KORRES while mixing herbal remedies at Greece’s first homeopathic pharmacy.

Lena Philippou, Founder

A chemical engineer with a deep love of nature, Lena leads our R&D and product development teams as well as KORRES’ global network of scientists.

Our women-led R&D team

Behind every formula, is a personal story from one of the scientists on our team.

We are part of a network of agricultural communities

Plant-hunting botanists, organic farming families, agricultural cooperatives and institutions, it all amounts to the largest group in the KORRES team. We select these partnerships based on their commitment to quality, giving back to the community and the furthering of botanical research.