Beauty is in our nature

Greek beauty is guided by nature

With the richest and most biodiverse landscape in all of Europe, Greece is home to 6,000+ plant species – 1,600 of which only grow here. We work closely with Greek organic farmers to grow the highest-quality ingredients and then harvest them based on when they are at peak potency. Our plant study the power of nature and use its treasures to make skin stronger, healthier, and more radiant.

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Greek beauty is clean without compromise

We’ve been making clean formulas for decades—not because it was trendy, but because we’ve always believed it was our responsibility to do so. From our growing “no” list of 2,000+ ingredients to the very water we use, no detail is too small when it comes to creating safe and nourishing skincare for ourselves, our families, and you.

Greek beauty is natural because natural works best

At KORRES, we use natural actives simply because our skin tends to react to natural ingredients better. For over 2 decades, we‘ve invested in conducting our own primary research in order to bring the most optimal, cutting edge natural actives to your skincare.  

There’s a reason why most brands formulate with synthetic actives: chemical ingredients are easier to use because they are more stable. Because naturals are less predictable, working with them – and combining several naturals into a single formula like we do –  requires advanced skill. Each KORRES product is made by a leading team of scientists that specialize in working with natural ingredients – the ingredients your skin likes best.    

That Greek Glow

Effortless and balanced. Healthy and radiant. A glow-from-within that starts deep in the skin. Inspired by the warmth and soul of our people, we create skincare that nourishes, embraces, and inspires. Skincare with an emphasis on care.

Greek beauty is planet and community-centric

In honoring the land and its communities, we honor ourselves. Our ingredients are ethically-sourced and sustainably-grown in Greek communities. Any unused organic matter is returned to the earth as a natural fertilizer. Our packaging is recyclable and environmentally conscious. We are committed to a responsible, full circle process, from seed to skin.

Greek beauty is clinically proven

Our products are backed by years of primary research, validated through extensive third-party review, and confirmed by thousands of customer ratings. We conduct our own biological research before formulating, testing, and then testing 499 more times, in order to ensure universal efficacy and transformative results for every single product we sell.

Greek beauty is steeped in Greek tradition

We seek to serve kállos – the harmonious connection between inner and outer beauty. It’s an ancient philosophy we were taught from our ancestors and teach to our children. We celebrate kállos in all aspects of life - from our traditional skin remedies made from healthy ingredients to our distinct way of combining art + design with science + sustainability.