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Soil Lab
Our Full CircleTM Process

It starts with a spark of inspiration—from nature or even something as simple as a home remedy passed down to our mothers by our grandmothers.

Next, an ingredient grown from Greek soil and harvested by Greek hands—local farmers who have been caring for this land for generations. Then, we research. And research some more. We develop a formula, test it once, and then 499 more times.

From seed to skin, and back to the soil—we honor our land, our heritage, and our communities every step of the way.

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Extraction Lab
01KORRES Soil Lab
We work with local organic micro-farmers who cultivate responsibly and help us conserve the unique biodiversity of Greece.

“We cooperate with over 30 small farmers of organic agriculture and 5 agricultural cooperatives throughout Greece. Having a deep understanding of their needs and insight of our own, we have set up a research and formulation lab specifically for cultivation methods, that promotes organic farming and the cultivation of endangered species, while protecting biodiversity as a whole.”

Giorgos Stravopoulos, Agriculturist, KORRES

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Molecular Lab
02KORRES Extraction Lab
We run a zero-waste operation where we carefully extract active herbal ingredients and return any unused organic matter to the soil as fertilizer.

“In collaboration with the Department of Pharmacy of the University of Athens we have created an environmentally friendly and certified lab. Here, we aim to produce high quality extracts for cosmetic use and isolate enhanced active natural ingredients. We use natural solvents with a low environmental footprint, while the processing residues are converted into fertilizer to ‘return’ to the land.”

Iordanis Samanidis, Extractions Chemist, KORRES

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Formulation Lab
03KORRES Molecular Lab
Where the magic happens. We’re constantly studying plants at a cellular level in order to understand how they can work to transform our skin.

“Each plant has a complex and powerful structure which can be composed of more than 1,000 different substances. Isolation and identification of active molecules of a plant is important for revealing the unique biological mechanisms and properties of the plant. Our goal is the continuous study of the power of nature and the correct use of its treasures, for a healthy-looking, strong skin.”

Chrysoula Stamatogianni, Senior Formulator, KORRES

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Design Lab
04KORRES Formulation Lab
Our women-led Research & Development team runs 500 efficacy and safety tests on each product, restarting the formula entirely if even one of those tests falls short.

“We started 25 years ago, when natural cosmetics were not even a trend. Today, the list of ingredients we exclude from our formulas, counts over 1,500 ingredients. A team of women scientists focuses on formulating safe and clinically effective natural cosmetics. More than 500 measurement tests are performed for each product. Natural extracts, oils, butters and candles consist of the core of every formula, reaching up to 100% natural content.”

Giorgos Stravopoulos, Agriculturist, KORRES

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Recycle Lab
05KORRES Design Lab
Equal parts aesthetics and functionality, our eco-friendly and recyclable packaging is designed to bring beauty to your everyday.

“The design lab consists of graphic designers, art directors, architects, industrial designers, illustrators, photographers, directors, and artists. We do not only design beautiful things, but also we focus on the elegance of the solution, the balance between form and functionality, something that is reflected in all stages of design, the goal of which is to offer pleasure, a beautiful experience.”

Alexis Marinis, Head Art Director, KORRES

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Pull CircleTM Process
06KORRES Recycle Lab
Where we come full circle. At our recycling facility, empty containers are given a new life as packaging, art objects, and even furniture.

"A recycling unit that gives paper, glass and plastic a second chance. Through a full recycling program, we collect empty cosmetic packaging and turn it back into raw material or art objects that return to the hands of those who recycle.”

Konstantina Angeli, Head of Sustainability, KORRES

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